Breast Balm
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Breast Balm

I’m Sue and I am very happy to be sharing our Balms and Routines with you. We are all about breasts! Caring for them at all ages and stages, loving them unconditionally, giving them the best chance to stay happy and healthy!

Quite simply, our Balms and Routines are designed to inspire and encourage women to get in touch with their breasts, to take the health of their breasts into their own hands. By spending a couple of minutes regularly dry skin brushing and massaging with the balm, you can:

  • Stimulate the lymphatic system to clear and detox the many lymph vessels within your breast tissue.
  • Massage your breasts to improve blood flow and nourish them with the balm.
  • Really get to know and love your breasts, where attention goes, energy flows.
  • Affirm daily your health, well-being and gratitude for life.

Its time for us women to embrace self-nurturing, to teach this to our daughters and granddaughters. The act of tenderly skin brushing and massaging our breasts regularly can have a profound effect on our health – especially our breast health. So enjoy our breast-friendly blends, ready for you to use, and lovingly created to support you in embracing a self- care routine.

Some words from Sue;

“My interest in Ultimate Breast Care began a few years ago when I faced my own breast health issues . While searching for natural ways to heal my own breasts, it really struck me that there is so little support to help us take care of our boobs. But there are products and protocols for every other part of our bodies right!? I was so inspired to bring ‘Breast CARE’ into the world and for it to become just as natural and important as brushing our teeth! I figured that maybe if I had given as much care and attention to the health of my breasts throughout my life as I had my teeth, I could have given them a better chance to stay healthy!

I do think we should begin Breast Care Routines as teenagers, getting into the habit of massaging them regularly, keeping the blood and lymph flowing, clearing stagnant energy, getting to know them really well and moving away from ‘ self checking’ (which may be fear based) to simply giving them constant good attention and TLC.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding our bodies change so much, especially our breasts and belly, so supporting and nurturing our bodies and selves at this time is imperative!

With our busy lives its easy to just pop them in a bra and give them little thought. But we spend lots of time sitting these days and as we become older the Breast Care Routine helps to keep us in touch with our breasts and helps them stay firm, perky and healthy.

If at any time we do find our selves with breast health issues, the first thing we want to do is lay our hands on them, give them gentle massage, warmth, balms infused with healing ingredients and loving affirmations. These things can really help, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Regular breast care is really important !”

Wishing you and your breasts the best of health!