Your products changed my life.

I believe your product was a life changer for me. I have been chronically suffering from fibrocystic breasts for about two years now. I was constantly trying new pills, in and out of the doctors office (which I dislike a lot) mainly because I’d leave the doctors office with a new diagnose and pill EVERY time. The last time I went I was told there was nothing they can do for me and it is a pain I will continue to have until it “goes away on its own.” I was even told it was “normal” which I didn’t believe for a second. At this point I had been failed by every aspect of what I had depended on for years for that “quick fix.” Turns out I didn’t need prescription, I needed iodine, breast balm and some spiritual healing. I 100% believe your products changed my life forever. I took them for about six months then I began to travel a lot and didn’t want to carry a bunch of things with me so I took a break for a few months and it was HORRIBLE. I couldn’t think what I had stopped doing that would cause such a pain and anxiety to resurface until I remembered I stopped your products. I immediately went on your website and invested in my health.

Thank you so much for being more than just a brand, but for caring for those of us who felt hopeless.
You rock. Thanks again Sue and the Happy Breast Balm Team,