Last ultra sound two months ago confirmed my breasts had no complex cysts anymore!

I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS and haven’t had my period over 2 years which really made me dive into natural remedies for women’s health. My doctor wanted me to have an ultrasound of my breasts and the results were completely discouraging. I had many complex cysts on both of my breasts and needed to have a NFA ( fine needle aspiration ) to check the fluid inside my cysts to see if they’re cancerous or not. This was a huge alarm bell in my head and made me realise I haven’t been doing anything specifically for my breast health. I had completely forgotten that this part of my body needs special treatment like any other body part that I’ve been taking care of with multiple creams and vitamins.
Luckily my FNA results came back completely normal but my doctor informed me that these were very old cysts which hadn’t dissolved for a very long time and I need to put more focus on my breast health.
This information in my head I went on the internet to search something completely natural and effective for my breasts and I stumbled upon your website! What a relief it was to find like-minded people who care about the planet and animals for providing this vegan breast balm. I completely transformed my health care routine around my breasts since then and picked up dry brushing technique which I had no idea of existing before. I’m happy to inform you that I had my last ultra sound two months ago and my breasts had no complex cysts anymore! I want to say an enormous thank you to Sue for reminding us women to take care of our breast health! – Kristina