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We are stoked to be affiliated with the following health based, ethical companies, they have great products that can really help us all stay in the best of health, and, especially our breasts!

The Happy Herb Company

This Australian company are keeping herbs alive and available, not just in Australia, they ship to many countries in the world. Their mission statement is;

‘We promote the appreciation, information, benefits, culture, use, and availability of all natural plants and herbs’.

They source organically grown herbs where ever possible, offer great blends for health and well being, natural skin care, tinctures for energy, relaxation, romance, stamina, sleep to mention a few. I sourced all my herbs from here to make my healing herbal teas as mentioned in Sue’s Story and continue to drink my fave ‘keep me in the best of health’ blend of Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Burdock, Licorice and Schizandra. They also have a fabulous range of Medicinal Mushrooms. If you would like to check them out click here.


Hemp Worx Independent Affiliate

You have probably all heard about the incredible properties of CBD oil, which is made from industrial hemp plants, which don’t contain THC (the bit that gets you stoned) but have really high quantities of CBDs (Cannabinoids) There has been a huge surge in recent years of people from all walks of life with all sorts of ‘dis-eases’ who have gained much relief from adding this supplement to their diet. It appears to relieve pain, inflammation, helps with sleep, anxiety, epilepsy and all manor of chronic illnesses.

Hempworx are an American company and make one of the best CBD oils in the world, they ship to most countries, but unfortunately not Australia at this time (come on Australia! Get with the program!). I like to add CBD oil to my personal breast balm, I feel its a good way to keep any nasties at bay! If you would like to check them out click here.

Inner Origin

It can be daunting when shopping to attempt to read and decipher the labels, to work out which is the best choice of tomato sauce or such! Especially when ‘truth on label’ is a very sketchy area. Thats why Inner origin is simply the best way to shop! Every product they stock has been ‘detective style’ thoroughly researched to make sure there are no nasties and the products and companies that make them are 100% ethical, phew, so you can shop with complete confidence that you and your family are eating and living well. At the moment Inner origin is flourishing in Australia, and will soon be coming to America, New Zealand and beyond! They basically are committed to have the same prices as supermarkets and a flat shipping rate of $12.95 anywhere in Australia. If you would like to check them out click here.